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Advanced Bioscience Laboratory

Gaithersburg, MD
Contract: $11.5 Million

An interior and exterior renovation of a 77,000 square foot facility which houses laboratories to support research in a wide variety of disciplines, including immune monitoring.

The project schedule was aggressive with $11.5 million of construction work in place within seven months. The building includes Class 100, 10,000, & 100,000 BSL3 GMP cleanroom labs and custom air handling equipment.

The laboratory facility is uniquely designed and constructed to house studies that involve a wide variety of hazardous materials (biohazards and chemicals). For containment of biohazardous aerosols, air flows are unidirectional with flow inwards toward the laboratories (positive pressure from halls to rooms).

cGMP manufacturing (approximately 24,000 square feet) includes separate suites for Bacterial, Mammalian Viral Production, and Aseptic Filling. Each functional area contains separate rooms for Preparation, Production, and Purification with separate air handlers and entrance and egress airlocks. All room pressures are monitored via photohelic gauge, and the data is collected using the Andover building automation system.